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Compare H&R Block vs. TurboTax

Block beats Turbo on value, transparency, and filing options

Compare filing options:
Compare filing options: H&R Block TurboTax
More people can file for free Included Not included
At least $10 less for Online filing Included Not included
Full service tax prep from home Included Not included
File with
a tax pro
In-office or drop-off with an expert Included Not included
Transparent pricing Included Not included

Wondering which tax service is best for you?

Compare tax preparation services and see for yourself. With over 60 years of experience and more ways to file than the other guys, Block offers a filing option that's right for you.

File online

At least $10 less for Deluxe Online filing

Save money when you file online with Block, even when you need help from a tax expert. Check out the price breakdown & decide which tax service is best.

*Comparison refers to base price of standard paid H&R Block/TurboTax online editions.

Compare prices

File online

Get more for free

Check out free federal online filing with TurboTax vs. H&R Block and see how we stack up. Hint: we’ve got nearly twice as many forms – without upgrading.

Compare free tax filing

File with a tax pro

Enjoy full service tax prep from home

Compare TurboTax vs. H&R Block and see what makes Tax Pro GoSM virtual filing the easiest way to have an expert do your taxes.

Compare expert help

It's better with Block

It makes sense to consider your options and compare H&R Block vs. TurboTax and other tax companies. We'll always do our best to beat the other guys on the things that matter most to you:

Upfront transparent pricing

Know the price as you file, in-person or online.

See the difference

Help when you need it

Unlimited, on-demand help from a tax expert, enrolled agent, or CPA via live chat when you file with Online Assist.

File online today

Local tax offices

The best tax preparation services are always nearby, so you can stop in or drop off your docs.

Make an appointment

Experienced tax pros

Experts with an average 12 years of filing experience & 100+ hours of training.

Our tax pros

More ways to file

Convenient filing options to suit your needs, with expert guidance to make your taxes easy.

Compare filing options

Maximum refund

Get every credit, deduction & dollar you deserve with Block’s tax services.

Our guarantees
platanito74 • February 2019

Easiest software to use

I have been doing my taxes using H&R Block online software and i am very satisfied. it's easier and faster than TurboTax. oh, and cheaper too.

Benjamin • February 2019

Quick and easy

H&R Block is a quick and easy way to file your taxes. The upfront pricing let's you know eactly what you are going to get and how much you will pay.

File the way that's right for you