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No matter where you are in the world, Block has your back

Get your expat taxes done with step-by-step guidance from our international tax experts

Start for free

Expat tax preparation in 5 easy steps

  1. Step 1 Register online and
    complete your tax organizer
  2. Step 2 We assign your tax advisor
    and verify the price
  3. Step 3 We prepare your
    return remotely
  4. Step 4 Pay for and review
    your tax return
  5. Step 5 We file your expat
    taxes with the IRS

Guidance every step of the way

pricing & services

Know the price upfront

We’ll share the cost of your expat tax preparation before we start on your return. Because transparency is everything.

Match with a tax advisor

No two expats are alike. That’s why we’ll assign you a tax advisor who fits your unique tax situation and filing needs.

Cruise through the process

Count on your tax advisor to guide you every step of the way – down to what forms and expat tax services you’ll need.?

Expat tax filing you
can feel good about

Expat tax filing you
can feel good about

Seriously unmatched tax expertise

"Excellent, prompt, and friendly advice and service in complex tax matters."

Christopher P.

"Prompt, knowledgeable assistance made everything easy!"

Sarah W.

"I felt like I was in expert hands for a somewhat complicated return."

Jeanne B.