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COVID-19 & IRS Updates: Prioritizing our clients’ and associates’ health. Get the latest info

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Tax information center : Commitment to safety

Our commitment to?safety

H&R Block is committed to helping you file your taxes in a way that’s easy and safe for you. Our tax offices are open with safety measures in place along with additional options to drop off or work with a tax pro without leaving home. See all the ways we’re here to safely help with your?taxes.

H&R Block tax office

Safety measures in the?office

Check out how we’re making H&R Block offices safer for our associates and?clients.

Social distancing of 6 feet or more

Increased space between chairs and desks

Frequent disinfecting of high-contact areas

Weekly deep cleaning of all offices

Limited associates in each office

Associates complete wellness checks before each shift

Many ways to get help

We're as committed as ever to get you the refund you deserve in a way that's easy and safe.

Come into an office to work with a tax pro
Drop off your documents at an office
Work with a tax pro without leaving home
File your taxes with our online tool

Tax filing deadlines

Get your questions answered about tax filing deadlines and how these may affect you.

When are federal taxes due this year?

July 15 is the new filing deadline for federal income taxes. If you expect to receive a refund, the IRS is still processing returns and we’re here to help. If you expect to owe the IRS, you have until July 15 to file and pay your balance due without incurring fees or penalties.

State filing deadlines

What if I’m not getting a refund and expect to owe the IRS this year?

Even if you owe the IRS, you have until July 15 to file a tax return without incurring any fees or penalties.