Tax Identity Theft Protection & Restoration Services

Don’t let tax identity theft stand between you and your tax refund. H&R Block offers some of the most important identity protections available, for a fraction of the cost.

Why is tax identity theft protection so important?

Tax identity theft (also called tax fraud) can mean significant delays to your refund. What’s worse is it may take months or years to restore your identity. With instances of data breaches and other scams on the rise, the need for tax fraud protection has never been greater.

Because H&R Block cares about safeguarding your tax identity and your refund, we created Tax Identity Shield® Disclaimer number 97. Scrolls to disclaimer..

Here's What Tax Identity Theft Looks Like

Tax identity theft protection and restoration with you in mind

H&R Block Tax Identity Shield® is here to help you protect your tax identity. What if you’re a victim of tax identity theft? We’ll be there for you, too.
When you sign up for Tax Identity Shield®, you receive:


Dark Web Identity Watch – Know if your personal information is being used on the dark web, where criminals buy and sell personal information, with darknet monitoring. If your personal information is discovered, we’ll notify you.

SSN Alerts – Review a report of all names and addresses associated with your Social Security number (SSN) in credit header data. If a new name or address is connected with your SSN, we’ll alert you.

Tax Return Notifications – If someone attempts to e-file a tax return using your information through our system, we’ll inform you.

IRS Protections

IRS Protections – If we discover indicators of identity theft, we’ll help you apply for proactive IRS protections, such as an IRS IP PINDisclaimer number 96. Scrolls to disclaimer..

Tax Identity Restoration

Tax Identity Restoration Assistance – Receive assistance from a restoration agent, who will walk you through the entire restoration process in the event a tax return is filed with your information. If your information is found on the dark net, we’ll help with that, too.

1–Year Access to Three Bureau Credit Report and Identity Monitoring – Get access to your three bureau credit report and receive help setting up identity monitoring and fraud alerts to watch for further fraudulent activity — it’s all part of your tax identity restoration.

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